This project has been discontinued, please see the README for more info:

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Unofficial cross platform tool for migrating between browsers, backing up, and restoring from backups, Reddit Enhancement Suite (aka RES) settings.

This application is in no way affiliated with RES and all issues should be reported to RESTool author and not RES authors or subreddits that are used for RES troubleshooting/issue reporting.

Full README with FAQ, Troubleshooting tips etc can be viewed here:

What's new in 0.3.0



Linux Xubuntu 15.04

Linux screenshot

Windows 10

Windows screenshot

OS X 10.9

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Settings screen

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Authors and Contributors

RESTool is developed and maintained by @Nikola-K under Apache license Version 2.0

Support or Contact

Having trouble with RESTool? Check out the help documentation at or contact and I’ll help you sort it out.